Many of us have participated in numerous Zoom calls in the past.

But did you know Zoom has its own Slack and Microsoft Teams-like product called Zoom Chat?

Zoom announced on Monday that the product's name has been changed to Zoom Team Chat.

Along with it, a slew of other useful updates to the collaboration software are on the way.

Because customers were confused about the difference between the chat that can be used in Zoom meetings and the separate communication suite, Zoom is adding "Team."

Zoom Team Chat is designed to be a single collaboration hub where you can collaborate with colleagues in real time on calls or asynchronously via text chat.

If your workplace uses Zoom for video calls, Zoom Team Chat allows you to do much of your workplace communication in one place.

As a result, you no longer need to switch between apps.

Zoom plans to release a few new features by the end of the month.

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