Instagram is testing a new home screen, which CEO Adam Mosseri discussed last month. In an effort to make the app more immersive and video-friendly.

They are now laid out in a 9:16 ratio and take up most, if not all, of your screen.  The switch automatically darkens the background and increases the size of the posts.

Many Instagram users are questioning a recent unprompted change from the standard white background, with some claiming that the darker screen makes it difficult to read captions.

This week, people have been opening Instagram to find that the app has gone black without them changing the settings.

If your Instagram has been set to dark mode and you want to change it back. Then continue reading with this story.

The test will most likely last a few weeks and asked users for feedback.  An experiment with a test in which both photos & videos take more space.

If you own an iPhone, Instagram's background colour cannot be changed within the app. For that, you need to follow with the further steps.

It usually mirrors your device's settings, which means that if your phone is in light mode, the background is white, and if it is in dark mode, the background is black.

Check the display and brightness settings on your phone to see if you are in light or dark mode. Is it working as required now?

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix it right now if your phone is in light mode and Instagram is still black.

Right now, the best thing you can do is contact Instagram via Twitter. You can change the settings in the Instagram app if you have an Android phone.

To do so, click on your profile picture in the bottom right corner of the screen, followed by the three horizontal bars in the top right.

Then, select "Settings" and then "Theme." You can choose between dark and light might here. Hope you find the story useful.