WhatsApp's one smartphone, one account policy will be changing soon. The meta-backed platform constantly adds new features, one of which is multi-device linking.

Unfortunately, this function is only available on tablets and desktop computers. Even though this is an excellent addition, it still limits the ability to have a WhatsApp account on multiple devices. 

However, the company is expected to enable users to send and receive messages from multiple smartphones in the near future via its chat sync feature.  

This feature will allow users to use the same WhatsApp number or account on multiple devices, including tablets, desktop computers, and smartphones. 

According to WABetainfo, the upcoming feature is currently being tested alongside the Android 2.22.15 update for WhatsApp.  

The private messaging app is expected to eventually allow everyone to use this feature, from iPhone to Android users of all stable versions.  

Furthermore, the report states that the synchronization process may take some time depending on the size of the chats stored on the primary device. 

Users who want to keep their data on their primary device while transferring it to another device will find the ability to sync their WhatsApp accounts useful.  

Unfortunately, this feature is currently only available in WhatsApp's beta version. WhatsApp may have discovered a way to allow users to sync their accounts across multiple devices.

This would allow them to keep their primary device's messages and contacts while syncing all chats between devices. 

In addition, the company has begun to support a broader range of Android users who want to transfer their chats to iOS devices.  

This feature was first announced a few weeks ago, and its wider rollout indicates that it worked as expected.