Technoblade is a well-known Minecraft YouTuber and streamer. He is one of the few content creators who only stream on YouTube and has never used his Twitch account. 

Despite not using a face cam, he has amassed a massive, devoted following; however, he has revealed his face once in the past. As a joke, he once uploaded a picture of his elbow. 

Technoblade is one of the largest and most popular Minecraft content creators in general and on YouTube, with over 8.3 million subscribers. 

He earns around 6-10 million views per week, despite only uploading once or twice a month, sometimes less. The approximate Net Worth of Technoblade is $3.18 million. 

He has won several Minecraft tournaments, including a 1v1 duel against Dream in a Mr. Beast competition.

Though, it is difficult to determine how much money he makes per month or year. When he does stream, he receives substantial donations and earns a sizable sum from ad revenue on his YouTube channels. 

Technoblade's earnings are difficult to ascertain because he only streams on YouTube. However, he is estimated to earn $54k to $72.3k per month from views on his YouTube channel alone. 

He also earns money from donations made by his viewers while he is live streaming and from channel memberships.  

He has also released a figurine of his Minecraft character on the Youtooz website and has won numerous Minecraft tournaments. 

Technoblade's annual earnings from his YouTube ad revue are estimated to be between $648k and $867k.  

He earns extra money through various other means, including his participation in Minecraft tournaments and competitions. 

On October 28, 2013, Technoblade launched his YouTube channel. He is most active on his YouTube channel and also streams exclusively on the platform.