Many people use Google Docs as a word processor for everything from articles to emails.

Writing is difficult, so many people rely on Docs' built-in spell checker to help them improve their writing.

Grammarly is one of the best Google Chrome extensions for checking your spelling and grammar.

If you recently replaced your laptop with a high-end Chromebook, you're likely missing Microsoft Word's Editor and other advanced features.

If so, Grammarly is a useful addition to Google Docs that competes with Microsoft Editor.

Go to the Chrome Web Store and navigate to the Grammarly extension page, then add the extension button to your browser.

Grammarly is now installed in your Chrome browser.

Let's use Grammarly in a Google Doc now that it's installed and enabled.

When used in Google Docs, Grammarly has a variety of features. Let's get started and see what Grammarly can do.