Google has announced the launch of Google Duplex in Brazil. Artificial intelligence and natural language are used in technology to automate routine operations.

It can include simple tasks like making phone calls and updating records, for example. The exciting news was announced at a Google event in Brazil.

According to Fabio Coelho, president of Duplex, the goal is to "assist in an increasingly natural way" in the connection between enterprises and customers.

The technology is currently being tested in three different methods in Brazil. According to Google, calls can be made to update business information in Maps and Search.

For commercial conversations in Brazil, the registration update process will leverage Google Duplex's remarkable natural voice language.

When necessary, the search giant will contact specific companies and request that the information displayed in Maps and Google Search be changed.

Google claims that the Google Duplex programme has resulted in more than 200 calls. In addition to its business strategy, Google Duplex has additional objectives in Brazil.

The technology for e-commerce automation is now being tested by the company. It is now possible to purchase a theatrical ticket directly from Google Search.

It expedites a process that can take a long time and be difficult for those who are unfamiliar with the internet. In Brazil, just a small percentage of the population is familiar with internet.

People will also use Google Duplex to check their voting spot, according to a partnership with the country's Electoral Authority.